Overview – setting everything up

An easy to use, streamlined app for everyone. From professional legal firms with decades of collective experience to anyone looking to serve legal documents for the first time. We’re Court Runner.

Court Runner is as easy to use as can be. After installing the app, create an account and order service — we will instantly assign a process server to serve your legal documents. Be rest assured that, all of your documents will be in good and efficient hands, relieving you of the usual stress that comes with organizing all of these documents with your own network

If you are a firm, lawyer, or paralegal read further for more information. If you have any questions, you may visit our FAQ Page or get in touch with our customer support and let us know what you need done.

For process servers looking to accept service of process request , you can get in touch directly with our customer service in order to set up and join our network of dedicated process servers.

Court Runner APP Services

Process Serving

Service of Process is the main goal of Court Runner. We have developed and established this app in order to facilitate the process, making it accessible in a reliable manner, that is legally recognized.

Through the Court Runner APP, every part of the service of process is registered, so that you are in the know and notified of all the goings-on with your document serving—when the party with whom you are involved in court proceeding receives them,  you will get a notification regarding the time  and date of service, etc.

Process Serving is used in everyday law and practiced in every single courtroom, it is the delivery and acceptance of due processes, documents, notifications of lawsuits—to the respective target recipients. This can be someone that you’re suing, this can be someone that is suing you and you need to update them about the court case. Or this can be on behalf of a court of law.

Ultimately, it is the delivery and official acceptance of court documents – while observing the Canadian rule of service of process. So, the person (or ‘party’) receiving the documents will acknowledge that they have received them, and then will proceed in their actions, responses, defense  as the case may be.


process serving services
court filing services

Court Filing

Court Filing, as per its name, is the process of having all necessary documents submitted to the court and filed by a clerk – meaning they enter the official record. For affidavits of service—where process serving, and Court Runner is concerned—these are key points in legal proceedings. They confirm the reception of legal documents necessary to continue with trials, initiate them, or otherwise set things into motion. Once the parties have legitimately signed off, and the documents have been filed in the court of law in question, the proceedings can begin.

Through Court Runner, once you are notified of the service being completed (the reception of the documents by the court clerk), you will equally be notified once the process server submits these, filing them with the clerk. In some cases you will also receive a snapshot of the table of contents proving the documents was filed successfully (or a communication from the court), which will act as your own proof of action.

Moreover, you will easily be able to access proof of this in the Court Runner app. They’ll be stored in your account. This means you can always go back to them if you ever need them.

Skip Tracing

People who need to receive legal documents, especially if they are anticipating them, can be difficult. Besides intentional skipping (coming from “skipping town”), some people just happen to have changed addresses, or are otherwise unfindable at the time when you need to find them! Hence, why people opt-in for skip trace search.

Most qualified (and our verified) process servers who are “authorized requesters” or have a private investigator license are able to perform skip tracing: locating the recipient party using a various combination of resources and databases. It is extensive and complicated work at times, so it is absolutely essential that it be done by someone who knows their stuff.

So, we at Court Runner provide exactly that – a network of “skip trace abled process servers”, with the direct option to skip trace if you don’t know the respondent’s.

What to do if you don’t know where the party is?

Just select the “skip trace” option in the Court Runner app, fill in the information you have, and order. We will do a skip trace and send you the result. 

Please, bear in mind that, we only do skip trace for process serving purposes. Only in rare cases we do skip trace outside of that.

With Court Runner – everything is at your fingertips.

skip tracing services

Service Areas

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfound Land and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Islands, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Scarborough, Mississauga, Kitchener, Etobicoke, London, Windsor, Vaughan, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Brampton, Markham, Newmarket + many more 


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Court Runner Service Areas


Many people have resorted to processing their legal documents personally. However, many face issues like timing, legal issues that they are not privy to and even being unable to successfully serve the defendants because they did not follow the rules and procedures of process serving. It is with this in mind that the Court Runner application was developed.

The Court Runner is a downloadable application that enables you to order for a process server on demand. The application allows you to save the details of the documents you need to be served or filed. It then evaluates and determines who among the process servers in Alberta available would be the best fit for the task.

It takes into consideration the risk involved, the target area and the timing. Once the application matches you with a process server, you can then follow your documents up to delivery. Learn More

British Columbia

Process serving is a delicate process that takes a strong will, skill and determination to pull it off. Finding British Columbia process servers can be challenging. We fully understand this and offer you the perfect and simplest solution. Court Runner.

Court Runner is a process server application that you can easily download on your phone, be it an Android or iPhone. We can then link you up with available, willing and affordable process servers. This app is designed to connect you with the right candidate for the job based on the kind of legal document you need to be served. We cover all basis, from small companies to large corporations and even intimidating individuals. Your court documents have never been safer or arrived faster. We make legal work more manageable and far less scary. Try our app today, and experience British Columbia process serving at its absolute best! Learn More



There is something about legal processes that just stops you in your tracks. This is amplified when you need to find a way of serving a defendant in a case, especially in a situation where you are confident that the recipient will be hostile. Finding a process server who is not only skilled but has enough experience to find the right way to serve in such circumstances can be a challenge. Court Runner is here to help.

Court Runner is the game-changer to all matters relating to process serving in Manitoba. This app is designed to evaluate the legal documents that you need to be served or filed. It assesses the level of expertise that you need to enable you to serve or file the papers. With an impressive process server database, the app then links you to the perfect person to undertake the process on your behalf. Once you pay, all you need to do is conveniently track your documents from the comfort of your couch. No legal process has ever been so accessible. Learn More

New Brunswick

With the advance in technology, we no longer need to leave our homes to execute certain transactions. We can transfer funds between our bank accounts, order food, go shopping and even study—all online. In a bid to keep up with technology, we ensure that process serving in New Brunswick is not left behind. We have introduced a way for plaintiffs to seamlessly serve legal documents from anywhere at any time.

Court Runner is an application that has a database full of licensed process servers at the ready. All you need to do is download the application to any of your smart devices, and enter your information. When you need a process server, you only need to enter the information relating to the kind of legal service you need. The application matches you up with a process server perfectly fit for the job. And just like that, the legal process is done! Learn More


Legal matters are highly sensitive. You need to get the right kind of counsel to ensure that your case is solid. Your case can be easily thrown out due to a technicality like using an illegal process server. With all these details to follow, it is no wonder most people shy away from legal issues. Fear not; Court Runner exists to assist in serving.

We have developed an application that enables you to find a licensed process server in Newfoundland who can serve or file your legal documents on the intended defendants. Once you download the application and create a profile, you can order a process server anytime you need papers served or filed. The application allows you to run several documents at the same time easing the cost of service and saving you time. We regulate charges to ensure that anyone, no matter their financial status, can access a qualified process server in Newfoundland. Learn More

Nova Scotia

It takes a lot to have an in-house Nova Scotia process server. Most law firms ensure that they have a process server who is readily accessible whenever the firm requires their services.. Unfortunately, it costs space and a regular salary to hire and retain in-house process servers. Well, what if we offered you a better, faster, and cost-efficient solution—one that only requires you to have a smart device at hand? Introducing the Court Runner APP!

Court Runner is a digital application that you can download on your most reliable smart gadget. It is compatible with any smart device. Once installed, you simply need to fill in your details and create your account. The application helps you to find a reliable, licensed Nova Scotia process server from its vast database anytime you need one. With the number of process servers listed on the application, there will never be a shortage of services. Learn More


Are you an Ontario-based firm looking for fast, efficient and reliable process server services? We understand how difficult it can be to find a dependable process server, let alone a whole firm full of them. Well, we offer you an easy way of having reliable process server services in Ontario. Court Runner provides you with the best process serving options.

The Court Runner application simply works from your phone, office laptop or any other smart device. It is designed to help you access the nearest and most appropriate process server for your legal document needs. Once you download the application, you input the details of what you need to be served or filed and the defendants in the case and other relevant information. No matter how many documents you may need to be served or filed in a day, this application will provide support. What could make process serving in Ontario any easier? Nothing.

Prince Edward

It is strenuous (and sometimes dangerous) trying to serve legal documents on some defendants. Not everyone  in Ontario knows the process serving regulations very well, or you might have a hostile situation that makes it unsafe for a novice process server to serve the defendant. Well, with Court Runner, you no longer have to worry about all of that.

We give you Court Runner, the number one solution to all Prince Edward process serving needs. Court Runner is an application that is fitted to work seamlessly with any smart device. The core purpose of this application is to enable you to access quick service from reliable process servers within your geographical location. With this application, you can easily have your documents served or filed by recording the relevant details in the application. The application then matches the best server to you and tracks the document until it is served. Simple. Learn More


The best Quebec process servers now swear by this application. What application do you ask? The Court Runner!

The Court Runner application is the app built with the legal runner in mind. We designed it to make process serving easy and to enable the layman to find a good, reliable, licensed process server easily and legally. The Court Runner ensures that you are linked only with the best process servers in the business.

How does it work? Well, much like other applications, you just need to download it and input your details to create a profile. From there, you simply upload the details of the kind of service that you need, and when the application links you up with the right process server Quebec, you pay the specified fees, and they get commissioned. They serve, and you keep track of the process to the end. Easy, reliable and fast! Learn More



Process serving in Saskatoon is now easier, faster and more personal. You no longer have to fish for process servers yourself. Our Court Runner application is here to ensure that you process all your legal documents comfortably.

Court Runner is an application developed by legal professionals to ease process serving. Designed with compatibility with any digital device, Court Runner enables you to request the services of a professional process server to help with the filing or serving of any legal documents you may have. The application assesses the right fit of a process server in Saskatoon based on the information you feed into it.  You are then required to pay the specified fee, which is calculated based on the nature of the service needed, and the distance to be covered. Once the process server has been dispatched, you can then track them via the application. If you need photos, the process server can upload for you to see on your end. It is the perfect legal application! Learn More

Why You Need A Professional — Process Service App

The bare essentials of process serving, which Court Runner brings into a simple app, are:

  • Obtaining and/or finding the necessary information required to track down the individual
    • Skip tracing in case this is not directly available
  • Obtaining the proper documents and ensuring all is good to go
    • Double-checking and providing information in the opposite case
  • Finding the correct party and serving the documents, ensuring the affidavit of service is signed and completed.
    • Affidavit of Service is the official proof (a sworn and notarized document) showing how, when your your documents was served.
  • Once everything is completed, the affidavit of service is submitted to the court.


All of this constitutes a standard method of process serving. Whilst ultimately a simple task, there are many things that complicate matters, making it that much more essential that we’ve streamlined this.


What is the Affidavit of Service (AOS)


The affidavit of service is basically the proof that the documents have been received. It comes with all sorts of information, such as the time and date of reception, type of service, etc. Once this is filed with the court, it means that every party has accepted the action, and is able to take steps on their side. 


The Court Runner Process


After registering, you simply provide the information about the receiving party that is required to deliver the documents, and in case you don’t know it, the option of Skip Tracing is immediately available.

Once you submit the information about your documents, the process server will show up, receive them, make copies if necessary*, and then head out to serve them. You can also email the documents too, if you live far away or it may be the most preferred option for you.

As soon as the process server finds the receiving party and serves them with the court documents. The Affidavit of Service will be provided, and you will be immediately notified through the app. In case of failure to track the party down, Court Runner provides a total of 3 attempts to do so.

*incurring additional prices based on the number of documents and copies. This is all clearly visible, and explained in the app.

NOTE: You can Order Process Serving Either Through our APP or Website.

To order through the APP, visit Playstore or Applestore, and lookup “Court Runner”. 

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