Newfoundland and Labrador Process Server
Newfoundland and Labrador Process Server

Newfoundland and Labrador form the most easterly province of Canada. Capital: St. John’s
Government: constitutional monarchy
Lieutenant: Judy Foote
Premier: Andrew Furey
Population: 541,542

What you need to know

Newfoundland and Labrador Process Server . Depending on where exactly you’re located in Newfoundland and Labrador, a qualified process server may be quite difficult to find through normal routes. Which is why you need Court Runner APP, an all-in-one process serving app designed to make the legal process serving easy.  

Before starting however, you need to ensure that your side of the responsibilities are filled and completed. Make sure that all of the documents that you need are organized to hand over straight away to the process server, so you won’t have any issues with them down the line. Even the slightest mistake can slow down your court proceeding.

Hiring a Newfoundland and Labrador Process Server

Once you have made sure everything is good to go – all you need to do is download Court Runner. The undeniable best way to get a Newfoundland and Labrador process server is through the Court Runner APP! A mobile, and tablet application developed specifically to match you up with a nearby, qualified and professional process server. That’s the service we bring you with our app! Check out other services we offer on the court runner app. Also, to learn more about how the app works, see our explainer video.

Once downloaded, you just sign up and fill out what you need served. It’s as easy as that. Your documents will get picked up as soon as you’re matched up.

Court Runner helps you avoid the hassle.

Order Service

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Beyond the fact that Court Runner will take care of just about everything for you professionally and efficiently, we also make sure that our costs and prices are explicitly shown and tracked. With a flat fee of $100 plus mileage that includes 3 total attempts, it doesn’t matter how remote you or the recipient party end up being—it’ll be accessible.

For Newfoundland and Labrador Process Server, charging $120 within cities is normal. fee starts to go up when the travel is farther away (e.g. Sandwich Bay area). For the entire province, most agencies charge an inclusive $150 to $250 for standard process serving, with 1 to 3 attempts.

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

Getting in Contact and Additional Services

Additional services are where many process servers will tack on additional fees and charges. However, these are also key parts of the service that you may require in order to have everything done on time, done properly, and done painlessly.

From additional photocopies and e-filing, to notarizing and skip tracing. All of these are key additional services you should consider. But through Court Runner – all the resources you need are right there. What do I need? Do I need a skip trace? Should I electronically file this? All your questions have case-by-case answers, and Court Runner provides you with them! We make sure you are informed and up-to-speed on the documents and services you need, and all the charges are directly visible and trackable. There’s no hidden prices with us!  

All the more reason to try Court Runner! Even in the most remote places in the US and Canada, we’ll connect you to any number of readily available process servers in your area that will be right there to help get your legal documents served properly.