Vaughan Process Server
Vaughan Process Server

Located in the regional municipality of York, just north of Toronto. Province: Ontario. Mayor: Maurizio Bevilacqua
Regional councilor: Mario Ferri, Gino Rosati, Linda Jackson. City manager: Tim Simmonds. Population: 404,475

What you need to know

Having to serve legal documents is something many people are going to encounter at some point in their lives – wherever you live. For that opportunity, you’ll need to find a process server. If you are in Vaughan, Canada, then finding a process server is relatively easy at first glance. But there are a few subtleties that you need to look into to find the best option for you—from additional fees possibly racking up, to the area of service itself.

Hiring a Process Server in Vaughan

Your priority is getting everything ready. All the documents should be signed, copied and prepared so that once you do find your process server, it can all be quickly wrapped up in just one pickup.

But as soon as that’s done, all you really need to do is download Court Runner! An all-in-one process serving app that will match you up with the most readily available, qualified and verified process server, right in Vaughan!  Our streamlined and resourceful app, that will help guide you through it and help your legal proceedings go to plan. The rest is history! Wherever you are, Court Runner will get you the perfect process server so that you can rest easy.  Learn more about court runner from  our video explainer.

Order Service


More-or-less in the midrange, Vaughan process servers average out a charge of $70 for service. $150 for up to 3 attempts using the court runner app. More often than not, this does not include mileage fees, which vary between $.60 to $.80 a km if you are heading further out, such as to King City or Nobleton.

Ordering a skip trace is also varying in cost based on the amount of information available to the specific process server, but will generally cost between $115 (basic) and $500 for an exhaustive skip trace. Skip tracing may become particularly relevant in more hostile cases, such as lawsuits due to defaulted payments or certain divorces. Sometimes it may be best practice to order the skip trace to ensure that everything is delivered safely, without any harm or splashback your way in the end. This is definitely a case-by-case basis consideration, however.

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

What do I do after I hand over the documents?

As soon as the documents are in the hands of the process server, you can more or less lie back and relax. Vaughan Process Server will now complete their part of the deal, including all of the additionally requested services (e.g. skip tracing).

Through traditional process serving and through Court Runner, you will be notified of when the process server has handed over the documents and prepare the affidavit of service—the signed and legitimate proof of reception.

Then, all that is left is to file the affidavit of service (AOS) before the court so that it can enter the official record. Once that is done, you are all set to continue with the legal proceedings.