Process Server Toronto

Province: Ontario Districts: East York, Etobicoke, North York, Old Toronto, Scarborough And York Government:
Type: Single-tier Municipality With A Mayor-council System. Population: 6,197,000

Number of Courts
11 Courthouses in Toronto municipality
Registered Process Servers
33 Reliable professionals

Process Server Toronto

If you are looking to hire a process server Toronto, then there are a few simple steps you need to make sure you take, first.
Regardless of the process server or service – you need to know what documents you need served, and to whom.

This means, double-check, make sure everything is properly organized and signed where needed and have all the needed copies ready.*

Once ready, you can look into hiring a process server in the Toronto area – or take the fast, easy and reliable way: go with Court Runner APP! We’ll get into that more later.

*Some process servers and Court Runner offer copies, but these do include additional charges.

What you need to know

The actual hiring part has a few caveats. You will need to look into the serviced area of the process server. Especially since the city of Toronto is an enormous city, with an even larger metropolitan area, you absolutely must check how far they can go for the service of process.

Going through Court Runner, all of the area of service information and other relevant geographical data (such as how far the process server can go) will all be displayed through your Court Runner app, where you will be able to instantly access it. You’ll be able to match up with the best process server for you, that will be able to quickly and reliably get your documents served.

Not only that – but Court Runner can guarantee the safety and speed of delivery. All of our process servers are verified and vetted, with all the necessary information always at your disposal.

Order Service

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Agencies, freelance process servers, court-organized individuals, all of these will have their own pricing system. While this is understandable, it can get difficult to keep track of. Toronto process Servers can get pretty pricey with the whole metropolitan area concerned.

How many attempts does the process server take – are these included? Generally speaking, a process server for hire in Toronto will cost you around $100 for service, plus mileage cost. Make sure to look for the details as well – what are you paying for, and where is the money going?

This is another reason why we offer you Court Runner: the prices and costs are clear, and we are an affordable, reliable and quick alternative. A total of 3 attempts, will usually amount to $169.50

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

After the documents have been served – what next?

Once you’ve handed the documents over and the process server completes their work, you’ll receive something known as the Affidavit of Service. This is the official, legal proof that the defendant or respondent was served; it includes the time, date and more details where needed.

Now, the court can proceed with the case as soon as you file the affidavit with the court clerk. The recipient party is now able to take legal steps on their end, and everything is in order!

Order a Process Server in Toronto

Court Runner is the perfect fit for hiring a process server in Toronto. Whichever area you find yourself in—inner city or metropolitan outskirts—you’ll be able to find the perfect process server Toronto you need. Reliable, accessible, and quick. It is available on IOS and Android.