Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Process Server?

A process server is, simply put, someone who serves legal documents on behalf of a court or individual, making sure that the recipient is aware of and confirms the reception of said documents. Process servers play a vital role in the legal process, expediting the speed of courts of law, and oftentimes allowing for more civil, discreet, and safe reception of documents on behalf of individuals who might not take it fantastic.

This also involves skip tracing, which is the actual process of locating the recipient who needs to get the documents, which can sometimes be more difficult than it seems. Hence, it’s an important job and a set of skills that is a lot more vital than many people believe.

This is their main job – of course, they also fulfill a huge range of duties outside of this, namely being handling and organization of court documents and various forms, filing paperwork and more. The hidden backbone of the legal system in many countries, they’re often overlooked by those outside of the system that are unfamiliar with the process.

Most often, process servers will either have their own websites, or be associated with a particular court or agency, serving papers on their behalf. 


For Court Runner, we have an established network of verified, qualified and reliable process servers ready to help.

What is an affidavit of Service?

An affidavit of service is an extremely important document that we always handle with utmost priority – it is the document that shows your process server has successfully handed over the papers to your target recipient. This is vital in paper trails and in court as well—making sure everything is organised and the affidavit is ready.

All of our process servers will make sure to have your Affidavit of Service ready to go as soon as everything is done, so you never have to follow up on your end. Court Runner has you covered. 

Is Court Runner usable in the US?

Absolutely. Just download the app on the platform you need and get started serving papers once you’ve registered and gotten everything ready!

How much does Court Runner charge? How many attempts can I order?
Court Runner is upfront about the charges – everything that you’re going to need is upfront and clearly displayed! We want to make sure that you know what you’re paying for. 

The way that it works is based on attempts (in case the process server is unable to contact the client)– of which you have 3 with a process server. The first attempt has the service fee of $70 in addition to the mileage, but the second and third attempts are simply the mileage! Court Runner prides itself on being accessible to everyone, so we’ve come up with this model.


To recap:

  • 1st attempt – $70 + mileage
  • 2nd attempt – just mileage
  • 3rd attempt – just mileage

Photocopies will depend on the number of pages. Enter the number of pages when you are placing your order for process serving, so that the system can calculate the cost accordingly. Once the order is placed, the process server will print out the documents to be served.

 Don’t worry, you’ll get a full breakdown of the charges before you place your order.

The last thing you need to know about in terms of charges – photocopies. If you need additional photocopies and are unable to complete them yourself, make sure to add that information and we’ve got you covered! 

Most of all, Court Runner prides itself on accessibility and transparency in charges. So many services have been overcharging or slipping in secret charges lately, that we decided to explicitly go the other way.

You get a full breakdown of your costs—the where, what and why, so that you’ll know that you paid for a reliable, honest, qualified service. 

Thank you for relying on Court Runner.  

Does Court Runner uphold in a court of law?

Absolutely. Beyond general localisation, Court Runner makes sure that every active location that it is based in follow the province rule of law regarding serving legal documents. 

Court Runner works with and employs verified professionals process servers, that have been carefully vetted and picked by our own team.

The whole purpose of Court Runner is making the process serving process more efficient without taking anything away – meaning it’s still legal in full! 

As a legal department, how would we benefit from Court Runner?

As a team with an extensive background and cumulative years of experience in law, we understand the priority and the issues that come with organizing a process serving system. Often times there will be flaws and shortcomings that you won’t have a choice but to live with in order to be able to function on time. Out-dated systems, overcrowding and busy season

What if I have a lot of documents at the same time?
A lot of documents to serve at the same time? Even better! Court Runner is designed around efficiency and ease-of-access. This means that while normal process servers will also need time outside of the verification of the documents to get everything sorted and actually organize their journeys, Court Runner will organize it instead, with a streamlined process that we’ve perfected following years of research.


You mail send your documents by email: documents@courtrunner.ca

or send them by courier to the address below:


Court Runner Inc

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