Mississauga Process Server

Mississauga is in the regional municipality of peel, bordering Toronto to the east. Province: Ontario.
Mayor: Bonnie Crombie
Council: Mississauga city council
Population: 801,877

What you need to know

Mississauga Process Server. To those in the city of Mississauga needing legal documents served to a party that they are suing, and have some doubts about their own ability to carry this out, or have been asked by the court (or their lawyer!) to get a process server—you’ve come to the right place to get started.

Whether you’re in city center or out near Oakville, you will need to start looking for specifically Mississauga process servers that will help you out. The two most important things to know: the documents you need served, who you are serving. Ensure that your documents are stamped and have case numbers. It is important to read through and understand the documents you are serving. Make sure you have everything organized, including all of the details in your possession about the defendant (the party you’re serving) so that you can submit it to your process server right away.

Download the Court Runner APP from Google Playstore or Applestore. The APP will match you with the right process server in Mississauga to serve your legal documents. With the APP, the entire process of serving your documents becomes way easier. If you don’t know the whereabouts of the defendant or respondent, you can order a skip trace search from the Court Runner APP — It is that simple!

Hiring a Process Server in Mississauga

Hiring a Mississauga process server is much easier with the Court Runner APP.  If you are going through the traditional route of getting in touch with a process server or agency yourself, you may spend more than is required. This is often what catches people out and racks up ‘unexpected’ extra charges.

Before going through Court Runner and hiring a process server, you will need to consider additional services that you may need to get. This can range from small details like photocopies (if you choose to email the documents to the process server) to things like Skip Tracing – locating the respondent’s.

And, where traditional process servers will rack up ‘hidden’ and additional charges, Court Runner keeps it all clean and upfront: all of the charges and services that you pay for are clearly displayed, and you’re able to access them at any point.

Beyond skip tracing, you’ll also find that many process servers offer to file the affidavit of service (proof of service) at the court that issued the document. Also, through the Court Runner you may order court services i.e. court record search that may relieve some of the burden from your end.

Order Service


In Mississauga, process servers have varied costs depending on your specific area, but average out at about $70 for personal service, which might not include 3 attempts. Some agencies and freelance process servers add mileage fees to their costs, but this varies greatly, so it is up to you to double check that this is or isn’t the case!

Through Court Runner, all of the costs are clearly displayed, with nothing hidden away—we make sure that you’ll be able to understand what you’re purchasing and what costs it incurs. You can always look at your summary, and tracked your order anytime, even after the process serving has been completed.

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

Mississauga Process Server on-demand APP

A downloadable app, Court Runner is the ideal way of finding a reliable network of process servers that will not only be able to deliver your documents reliably, but we’re also affordable, quick and resourceful. Every piece of information you need along the way is available to you directly via the app, so get started with Court Runner and make the legal process that much easier.

We’ll make sure to manage all of the resources that you need, providing all your necessary information and letting you know what your process server needs from you. If you’re feeling uncertain, download it and give it a go – we promise it’s worth it.