Hamilton Process Server
Hamilton Process Server

Province: Ontario
Mayor: Fred Eisenberger
City Council: Hamilton City Council
Population: 767,000

What you need to know

If you’ve just filed a lawsuit, or have started legal proceedings in the city of Hamilton, a process server is very likely to be a necessity in your future. Process servers are those who hand official court documents (such as the lawsuits themselves) to individuals and parties concerned, so that the legal workings can begin, and everyone can be properly prepared for the goings on.

Hiring a Process Server in Hamilton

As absolutely necessary for all legal documents and papers, the very first thing you’ll want to do is prepare everything that you need. Double check that you have the right documents you want to serve, make sure the documents are signed and stamped, and that you have attached all the supporting documents.

Once done, download the Court Runner APP – the go-to application for process serving in Canada. Through our verified network of process servers, we’ll have it done for you, reliably.

When you’ve downloaded the APP, fill out the information as much as possible. You can either schedule a pickup or email the documents. Lastly, place your order. If you require extra services, such as a skip trace, same day or next day service —then you need to select whichever option applies to you. You also have the option to leave a note on your order. For example, you may describe the recipient, advise on the best time to serve, etc.

Order Service


Hamilton process servers charge, on average, about $70 for a flat fee of process serving within the city, including 3 attempts. More often than not, the process servers or agencies registered on Court Runner  charge additional mileage fees based on the return route from the target party or from your location, depending on the area you are in. If you have ordered a skip trace, typically around $115, make sure to double check the resulting address of the recipient, so as to avoid any unexpected mileage fees if they end up further away than expected.

If you’re going through Court Runner, the whole process is much easier. We charge a flat-out $70 + cost of mileage for the first attempt – with only mileage on the second and third attempts. However, we employ and work with process servers all around the US and Canada, meaning there will always be a qualified and verified process server in your area, ensuring pricing accessibility.

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

What to do after serving the documents

After the process server in Hamilton has served your legal documents on the receiving party(s), you will receive a notification on the Court Runner APP. The process server will then fill out the affidavit of service (as proof of service) and have it commissioned by a commissioner of taking affidavits. 

The affidavit of service is extremely important, and must be filed with the court (either through the process server for an extra charge, or by yourself) in order to be entered into your case file at the court.

Once you or the process server have successfully filed the affidavit of service, that part of the legal process is completed, and all you have to do is wait on the court’s decision on the matter.