Markham Process Server
Markham process server

Markham is a city in the regional municipality of York in southern Ontario, Canada.
Province: Ontario. Mayor: Frank Scarpitti
Deputy mayor: Don Hamilton. Population: 343,698

What you need to know

If you’re in Markham or its surroundings and you need to hire a process server to serve a lawsuit or any other essential legal documents – here’s where to start. Priority number one is getting everything organized, ensure that the  court papers have the court seal, date on them. If you have supporting documents, make sure to attach them to the documents you need to be served. (For example, a small claims).

Once you are all set, download the Court Runner APP and hire a process server in Markham.

If you chose your document to be “picked up” the Process Server will go to the pick up address, and then proceed to deliver the documents to the recipient party. After the documents are served, the process server will provide you with a sworn affidavit of service —meaning the documents have been legitimately received, with the date and time (and more) indicated.

Hiring a Markham Process Server

Markham Process servers, especially in areas like Headford where suburbia starts to stretch out quite far, can start including additional fees for specific areas, as well as limit their service area in general.

In order to avoid the whole ordeal of looking through and double checking the reliability and qualifications of various process servers – we suggest using the Court Runner APP!

Our all-in-one process server app has everything that you need, with all the information that you need. We’ll get you matched up with a process server in the Markham area, and have your documents served efficiently and reliably.

Order Service

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Our Markham process servers are generally on the more affordable side, starting out at around $70 for regular process serving + mileage fees. If you want 3 attempts of service, then the cost will be (3 multiply by the cost of mileage). If you order skip tracing, then be expected to pay around $115 for a basic skip trace (MTO search).

And since we’re matching you up with a process server near you out of our sprawling network of verified, vetted and qualified process servers, even the mileage won’t add up.

Because all of the additional services we offer are clearly displayed in the app, and you can view and track everything freely!

And because you don’t have to spend ages worrying about picking the right services, then ages more worrying about the service, and ages most worrying about why you didn’t pick Court Runner in the first place.

Save yourself the stress and worry, save yourself the time and money – download Court Runner today and have your documents served the right way

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

Additional Services

So, once you have made up your mind about hiring a Markham process server, then proceed to order service from the court runner app. When you do so, you’ll also get the option of getting additional services such as skip tracing if you don’t know about the recipient’s whereabout. Court Runner also offer court filing, in case you don’t want to file i.e. Affidavit of service yourself. We pride ourselves on keeping them both reliable and accessible at the same time.

This is ultimately up to you – there are certain parts of the legal process that are best left to those with the experience, so we generally recommend those with absolutely no knowledge of the legal system to order the extra services for court filing and notarizing, in order to avoid any amateur mistakes that may become costly in the long run.

Other, smaller services include photocopying, which can generally be very helpful for paperwork overall, but can also be done at home in the large majority of cases. These incur smaller additional costs, so make sure to enter the correct number of pages if you choose to email the documents instead.

As soon as you’ve agreed upon the additional services and the process server picks up or prints your documents, all you need to do is wait and track the status of your order.