Manitoba Process Server

Manitoba Process Server

Manitoba is a Canadian province bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. Capital: Winnipeg. Largest city: Winnipeg. Lieutenant Governor: Janice Filmon. Premier: Brian Pallister. Population: 1.38 million

What you need to know

Manitoba is enormous, which means that hiring the right Manitoba process server is all the more important. Which is even more reason why we recommend the Court Runner APP, to avoid all the trouble in the first place! Click here top learn more about how the app works and why you should use it for serving your legal documents.

The only thing you’ll really need to do on your end is prepare all the documents beforehand. But even then, don’t worry—Court Runner offers a huge range of resources that can help you organize the documents, choose the additional services you may need, and generally keep you in the loop about what’s going on.

All you need to do is download the Court Runner app on mobile, tablet or desktop, sign up and get started! 

How to Hire a Manitoba Process Server

The reason we made Court Runner in the first place is due to how much inconvenience there is in hiring a Manitoba process server, especially somewhere like Manitoba.

That’s why Court Runner is here to offer an alternative: an innovatively designed process server app that will link you up to a qualified professional process server in Manitoba.

Leave your court documents in the hands of Court Runner to ensure a secure, reliable, and quick service of process. You’ll know where your documents are in Realtime, what stage the process server is at, and what your matched-up process server needs from you!

Normally, hiring a Manitoba process server is a tiring ordeal in itself. You have to look through them all and verify the ones in your area, check their service areas, haggle over prices and budgets, negotiate additional services—it’s a lot of effort.

Which is all the more reason why hiring a process server in Manitoba has never been easier than with Court Runner.

Once you have the app downloaded, sign up and fill out the documents you need served. You’ll be matched up with one of our many process servers right in Manitoba, they’ll come pick the documents up, and voilà—it’s finished. No need for unnecessary stress!

Find a Process Server Near You


Your average costs for a process server in Manitoba heavily depend on the region. Around Winnipeg you can expect prices to start at around $75 for urban service  and $105 for suburban; in areas such as Thompson, urban and rural deliveries can sometimes start at $299 for 1-2 attempts, with mileage being variably charged or not.

Especially for provinces with population density varying heavily and many places being a long drive away, we recommend Court Runner. Our expansive network of Manitoba process servers will always be able to match you up with someone nearby, who will be able to serve your papers in a professional and reliable manner, without driving up the prices to ridiculous levels.

We charge a simple fee of $60 + cost of mileage for a total of 3 attempts. Not only that, but you’re kept in the know the entire way, making sure that you’re aware of what is going on, and any steps you need to take. It will really make your court experience much easier and efficient— download the Court Runner from Playstore or Applestore

Court Runner Fees

Process Serving
$ 60
  • Plus HST
  • Plus Mileage
  • Plus MISC
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