Richmond Hill Process Server
Richmond Hill Process Server

Richmond hill is a city in south-central York region, Ontario, Canada. Part of the GTA. Province: Ontario. Mayor: Dave barrow. Regional councilor: Joe Dipaola, Carmine Perrelli
Governing party: Richmond hill city council
Population: 235,025

What you need to know

Richmond Hill process servers will help deliver (serve) the documents you need for the court of law to proceed with your case.  This means that you don’t have to worry about any mistakes associated with process serving, or getting scammed by a process server.

Your first priority should be getting everything ready. Each document you need handed over signed, stamped, and read-over before you hand it over or email to the process server in Richmond hill.

Hiring a Richmond Hill Process Server

After getting all your documents organized and ready for serving. Download the Court Runner APP (click here to learn more about how the app works), create an account, fill in the serving details such as drop off address, type of service, etc. – Then place your order. 

A lot of process servers, while professional, may try getting away with additional or hidden fees.

For this reason: Court Runner is the way to go! A process server app with an ever-expanding network of process servers throughout the US and Canada (including, of course, Richmond Hill!), we’ll get your documents served reliably, quickly and properly.

Order Service

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The average fee for a standard Richmond Hill process serving package starts at around $250 for a total of 3 attempts, which does not have further mileage charges.

With Court Runner – you will be paying around  $100-$120  for a total of 3 attempts (depending on the service), with the cost of mileage included in 3 attempts. And every single step of the way, you can head to the app and find out what you are paying for, and where the charges are coming from.

When it comes fees and professionalism associated with Richmond Hill process server, we are at the forefront.

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

Additional Services – from Court Filing to Photocopying

Additional services are an important part of process serving. This can be anything from making photocopies of documents, court filing to skip tracing. If you’re uncertain about anything, Court Runner has all of the resources you need right in the app. All of your questions answered and explained. We even have a 24 hours support team to answer any questions you may have.  Download and sign up, and you’re all set to go.

One of our popular service is skip tracing, which is tracking down individuals or parties. This becomes relevant when a client does not know the current address of the defendants/respondents they are suing.

Through public and private resources and training, our  Richmond Hill process servers will track them down and serve them with the court documents. Keep in mind that there are cases in which skip tracing is impossible, or the information received significantly slows the case down (e.g. leaving the country).

Other services offered by process servers range from court filing to filling and swearing an affidavit of service. 

It’s always going to be a hassle to keep track of services and fees. So why not avoid the hassle? Go through Court Runner! From start to finish, we let you know what you’re paying for, how much it’s going to be and what the services will do for you! Let us match you with a process server that knows what they’re doing, from our enormous network across the US and Canada. We’ll match you with someone right in Richmond Hill, and from there, it’s all a breeze.