Saskatchewan Process Server
Saskatchewan Process Server

The only province without a natural border. It has an area of 651,900 with abundant Lakes. Capital: Regina. Largest city: Saskatoon
Lieutenant Governor: Russell Mirasty
Population: 1,181,987

What you need to know

If you are in need of a Saskatchewan process server, Court Runner is the way to go. An all-inclusive, all-in-one process server application, it’s designed to make the whole process serving process easier. In Saskatchewan and all over the US and Canada, all you need to do is download and sign up, and your documents will be picked up or printed (as the case maybe). 

If you are not a big fan of apps, you can order directly from our website once you are ready to serve your legal documents. Contact Support

Hiring a Saskatchewan Process Server

Regardless of location, hiring a process server anywhere in Canada will take time. Which is why we offer you the Court Runner APP instead – the application that instantly connects you to a qualified and vetted process server in your area, to quickly serve your legal documents in a reliable and cost effective manner. You’ll be provided the affidavit of service (AOS) and be notified and informed the whole way through. We’ll even tell you if your documents are not complete, and advice on how to prepare your documents so as to get them served successfully

Court Runner will make your legal proceedings so much easier, it’s unbelievable.  to learn more about how the APP works, click here and play the video on the page

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Saskatchewan process servers commonly charge a flat rate for city process serving, such as for Regina or Saskatoon, with mileage charges starting in city outskirts and outside of the bigger population centers.

Suburban and rural service of process will usually provide you with 2-3 attempts, ranging in price between $100 and $250. Bear in mind that the price increase if the travel distance is far away from the process server assigned to you. But we try our best to find the closest process server.

Through Court Runner, it’s simple. We charge a fee of $70 for regular service. If you choose up to 3 attempts, all you need to pay is the service fee, + mileage fees + HST, and insurance. We will notify you of any developments and provide resources for you every step of the way.

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

What is an Affidavit of Service?

Once your Saskatchewan process server, Court Runner or otherwise, serves the documents on the defendant/respondent, the process server will fill out an affidavit of service (AOS) form and get it notarized. The AOS is the proof that the document has been served, with various important information such as the date, time, and method of service, etc. The AOS will then be taken to the court either by you, or the process server so that it can then be filed with the court.

Please, note that court filing attracts an additional fee – so it’s best if you file the AOS yourself to save cost. Except otherwise, the fee isn’t an issue for you.

How do I file documents with the court?

Aside from the application you file i.e. simple divorce, small claims, etc. Another important document you will have to file with the court, unless you pay for the process server to do this for you, is going to be the Affidavit of Service (AOS).

In order to file it and have it enter the official record, you will need to hand it over to a court clerk, who will officially have it on record.

Once again, if you find yourself too busy or unable to file, or might just be worried about getting everything done correctly, you can always order through the court runner APP.

There is an option in the APP to order court filing.