Prince Edward Island Process Server
Prince Edward Island Process Server

Capital: Edmonton
Largest City: Calgary. Government: Type- Constitutional Monarchy
Lieutenant Governor: Salma Lakhani. Population: 4,421,876

What you need to know

Though Prince Edward Island is the smallest province, looking into the areas of service for process servers is still a vital step that you cannot miss. Keep in mind that some Prince Edward Island process servers, even on Prince Edward Island, are very localized—and will either only serve in their area, or charge ridiculous fees for delivering outside of it.

For this reason, after ensuring your documents are prepped and ready to serve, you need to take the time to verify all of the process servers you’re looking to potentially hire. Look at their area of service, as well as their charges for external deliveries (and other charges as well, of course!). Only if they are legitimate and acceptable should you start considering them.

But, you can avoid all this by simply using Court Runner (see video explainer). We’re an app for android, iOS and desktop that will bypass all of the drag and ordeal that  process server searching can be—and get you connected with a verified Prince Edward Island process server who will have everything done quickly, accessibly and reliably. 

Additional Services

Additional services are extremely important when considering a process server or agency. Starting with skip tracing, which is important in cases where the defendant’s address is unknown. Our trained and certified (in Canada) process server uses available resources to track the recipient party down. Skip tracing is going to be needed when you have insufficient information about the concerned party, or you simply do not know their whereabouts. Fees also sometimes depend on how exhaustive the skip trace ends up being. 

Beyond skip tracing, other services we offer are filing of the affidavit of service, photocopying and various courier functions. 

Order Service

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Prince Edward Island process serving starts at around $80 – and Prince Edward Island province-wide all-inclusive service averaging at around $250, which includes 3 attempts and (albeit not always) waiting time. Looking into additional services is crucial for pricing and finding the right process server for you.

Another reason to save yourself the trouble and try out Court Runner APP! All of our charges and prices are upfront and directly displayed, where you can see what you are paying for and why at any time.

It is important to choose up to 3 attempts when ordering process serving, doing so will increase the chances of your court documents getting served.

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

Affidavit of Service

The Affidavit of Service is a sworn document filled out by the process server upon the serving of the court documents on the respondents/defendants. It includes the date and time of reception, alongside other important data that the court requires for the official record.

Once the documents have been served and the process server prepares the affidavit of service. You can additionally pay the Prince Edward Island process server to file the affidavit of service with the court on their end, or let them return it to you and file it with a court clerk yourself. This is generally up to you and based on convenience – so take the extra time and check if this is something that you would be interested in!