Oshawa Process Server
Oshawa Process Server

Oshawa is a city in Ontario, approximately 60 km east of downtown Toronto. Province: Ontario. Mayor: Dan Carter. Governing body: Oshawa city council. Population: 394,000

What you need to know

Oshawa Process Server. Looking for a process server in Oshawa? Then you’ve come to the right place to find everything you need. Here is how to get started with finding the right process server for you:

If you have your entire documents ready, stamped, signed, and organized, then download the Court Runner APP and started! Double check that you have the right address if you know it. if you don’t have the recipient’s address, you can order a skip trace search.

Hiring a Oshawa Process Server

Save yourself time, save yourself trouble, and save yourself money – if you need a process server in Oshawa, look no further than Court Runner! Our application for mobile, tablet, and desktop has been developed based on years of research to make finding a process server that’s right for you and right by you, simple.

We’re reliable, quick, accessible, and most importantly – all of our prices and fees are upfront. No hidden fees, no hidden charges, no lies. You know what you’re paying for! 

Download the application, sign up and fill out the documents that you need served. Since your file is already going to be organized, that’s all you need!

You’ll be matched up with one of our process servers based right near you in Oshawa, your documents will be picked up and served or (you can also email the documents to us).

When it comes to process serving in Oshawa, leave it to Court Runner, and our expansive network of qualified, verified and reliable process servers.

Order Service

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An Oshawa process server will typically charge you around $70 for service. Mileage fees will depend on the location – a delivery within Oshawa is more likely to remain a flat fee, whilst a service of process in Pickering will most likely incur additional mileage charges.

Court Runner, on the other hand, charges a global $70 for regular service of process. This fee doesn’t include mileage (distance from process server to the respondent’s or defendant’s address).

If you want additional services, skip tracing, anything you need – just go through the app. All of the prices are explicitly listed (no hidden charges!) and you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Why wait? Download Court Runner today, and make your life instantly easier. 

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

Filing the Affidavit of Service

The Affidavit of Service (AOS), alternatively the proof of service, is the document that shows your process server handed the documents over to the recipient party, and that they acknowledge their reception. Process servers are required to fill this out and hand this over either to you or directly file this with the court*, which will allow the legal proceedings to continue as needed.

It is vital that you make sure you receive a copy of the affidavit of service, at the very least in electronic format. You can directly request this and an immediate court filing through the Court Runner app. *Most process servers will charge for the court filing service.

Our Oshawa process serving app is accessible, reliable and quick – we have developed this application in other to create efficiency. Download Court Runner from Google Playstore or Applestore and give it a try to see for yourself. If you have any questions regarding process serving or how to use the app, see our FAQ page.