Kitchener Process Server
Kitchener Process Server

Kitchener is one of three cities which make up the regional municipality of waterloo, and is the regional seat. Province: Ontario. Mayor: Berry Vrbanovic. Governing body: Kitchener city council. Population: 564,661

What you need to know

In Canada, finding a Kitchener Process Server can be a bit of a challenge. You have to go through the process of finding someone that will actually serve in your area without asking for too much or suddenly hiking the fees since they are based in London or Toronto.

It’s important to find a process server based in Kitchener, that knows the area and is a qualified professional. With Court Runner APP, you can find a process server in Kitchener to serve your legal document affordably, reliably and fast. See our video explainer to know how the app works. Alternatively, you may proceed to order process serving in Kitchener directly from our website if you don’t want to download the APP from Playstore or Applestore. Click here to order Now!

Scheduling and Urgent Service

An obvious hang-up that happens in everyday life, is difficulty in scheduling. Whether these are last-minute scheduling changes, unexpected absences or pressing deadlines, there’s always going to be an unexpected need for something done quickly.

Through Court Runner, you can always order urgent, next-day, or scheduled deliveries. All of the pricing and scheduling options are displayed, and we’ll match you up with an available Kitchener process server straight away!

If you have been given all of the documents and the requirement to have the affidavit of service filed within the 10 days, you’ll need the documents served as soon as possible. This means that your process server will have to deliver these in a timely manner.

For this reason, you can order same-day deliveries, next-day deliveries, or schedule specific dates and times for delivery. These will absolutely drive the cost up, with same-day and specific date deliveries being the costliest, but it ensures that everything will be served, signed and filed on time.

Order Service

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Kitchener process serving pricing is heavily dependent on the agency or individual Kitchener process server. However, the average cost is just about $80 for service of process, with 3 attempts costing around $130 to $140.

Through Court Runner, you get 3 attempts for just $70 (+ mileage) for a reliable, quick and problem-free service that provides all of the information you need as you go along.
Give it a go, and avoid all of the pain that comes with organizing everything manually, by yourself.

Fee above excludes mileage fees, HST, insurance, MISC, etc.

What is an Affidavit of Service?

When the process server you hired hands over (serves) the documents, they fill out a form known as the affidavit of service. This acts as the legitimate proof that the party in question did in fact receive the documents and are able to take action for the following legal proceedings.

This is a vital document which needs to be filed with a court clerk (either by yourself or the Kitchener process server), in order to make it into the official record, and move the legal case forward.

On-demand Process Serving APP

For this reason, we proudly recommend Court Runner – the all-in-one app for your process serving needs. Especially for cities like Kitchener, where so many companies are split between other centers, our services are perfect: simply enter all of the relevant document data into the app, and get paired up with process servers that will get it done, in your area! All for an accessible and affordable price, fully reliable, and efficient.

Through Court Runner, we will provide you with all of the information that you need at every step; from people in court dealings for the first time to seasoned legal practitioners, we ensure that you’re in the loop and notified every step of the way.