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We create exposure to the legal system and accessibility

At some point in most people’s lives, especially living on the North American continent, be it the United States or Canada, they will find themselves in need of serving a legal document. For those launching start-ups or individuals running their own businesses, there will always be a client that’s difficult to chase down, not respecting the contract. And, in 9 cases out of 10, this will unfortunately be taken as a loss, and the business will have to move on, without the knowledge that they could take action and get their due diligence for their work and effort.

The Court Runner APP

Through years of planning and research, we’ve developed what we believe to be a fair representation of our goals. We intended to create accessibility and reliability merged into a single app, and we believe that we have achieved it.

Court Runner is your process serving app, designed from top to bottom, front to back, to allow anyone in need of serving a legal document to be able to do so safely, reliably, in an informed manner, and arguably most importantly – in an affordable one!

Part of the intimidation of the legal system is the layering of paperwork and fees hidden everywhere, which is why here at Court Runner, we keep that in mind, and it’s something we’re upfront about. There’s no hidden fees, no additional costs – just what’s displayed, and nothing else!

Get connected, get started, and get serving.

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Why Court Runner APP

We felt that Process Serving requires quite a bit of prior knowledge to not only grasp,

The concept for this company has been in the works for quite a long time. Creating an accessible application for process serving in order to make the whole ordeal a lot easier to approach for anyone, including everyday folk who find themselves involved in legal throes out of nowhere.For the longest time, we’ve noticed that hiring a process server or filing a court document in the courthouse can be difficult at most levels, almost always in part due to the inherently intimidating process of serving and filing legal documents.

The Court Runner APP is designed to optimize the entire Process i.e. From Filing, Serving, to Filing the Affidavits of Service

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Our Mission

Our aim is to create accessibility and efficacy of process serving—a key part of the legal system that many might be subject to, but only few take the time to learn about or use on their own.

As a result, we feel that there is an unacceptable number of individuals, businesses and groups that are suffering from a lack of legal process serving that can be truly simply solved.

As such, creating an app provided that solution—accessibility to the legal system. Even the most approachable process serving websites won’t be able to decrease that ‘fear factor’ of the law, since they’re still official websites, and more often than not, you still have to go through a painstaking process of going through the various options and trying to select the best process server for you, despite not knowing what you’re looking for.

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